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Maxx: Size wins!

Our basic Rheinspan board "Maxx" is used and respected by industrial and trade customers throughout Europe. Thanks to its dense surface and core layer, homogeneous surface and excellent technical properties, it is ideally suited for industrial processing in the furniture industry


  • P2 furniture board for usage in dry areas
  • Length: up to 7.50 m
  • Width:2.10 m to 2.62 m
  • Thickness: from 10 mm to 38 mm

In its special quality version, the "Maxx" is in also highly suitable for sheathing with finish foil or digitally printed foil. Speak with us and learn more about the proven furniture board "Maxx"!

Chipboard from Rheinspan is inspected at regular intervals by independent institutes. The test certifications and certificates for "Maxx" can be found here.