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Dependable quality levels

We work exclusively with high-quality raw materials harvested from sustainable and monitored forests in our region. In this manner, we not only protect the environment, we also guarantee that all the starting materials we utilise satisfy our high quality standards. We have worked together for years with many of our customers. They value the reliable quality of our chipboard just as much as our price continuity and individualised consulting.

We are always keen to hear all about the challenges you face and your chipboard-related requests. Working jointly with you, we will gladly draft tailor-made special solutions for you. Thanks to our in-depth and decade-spanning experience in the furniture and door industries, we are (almost) always able to help.

One example of this is our "UltraMaxx" chipboard for weight-bearing applications in the dry area. It was especially developed for the requirements of a long-standing customer and customised to his specifications. Speak with us and learn more about the dependable quality of chipboard from Rheinspan!

Find long-standing partners and suppliers in our internal area, which is important information for you.

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Supplier performance

Oriented to the needs of our customers

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Customised chipboard for individualised needs

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Regularly inspected and tested: Overview