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DecoMaxx: Customisation wins!

The melamine laminated chipboard "DecoMaxx" is available in various gloss grades and surface textures. The boards are laminated on Europe's largest lamination press, the Wemhöner short-cycle press, using the short-cycle press process – a method for melamine lamination that has proven itself for decades. The Wemhöner short-cycle press enables 17 qm large boards to be laminated directly from the roll. This large size offers our customers the advantage that job orders can be combined together with the minimum of dividing saw cuts. This is not only economical, but it also makes ecological sense.


  • Many decorative and texture options to select from Length: 5.20 m to 6.70 m (incl. an oblique split cut)
  • Length: 5.20 m to 6.70 m (incl. an oblique split cut)
  • Width: 2.07 m to 2.55 m

We will gladly help you to realise your individual decorative wishes! Speak with us and learn more about the melamine laminated chipboard "DecoMaxx"!

Chipboard from Rheinspan is inspected at regular intervals by independent institutes. The test certifications and certificates for "DecoMaxx" can be found here.

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