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EcoMaxx: Mother Nature wins!

The low-emission furniture board "EcoMaxx" meets the strict requirements of IKEA and CARB2 and is suitable for furniture of all types. It was developed in close cooperation with our long-standing glue suppliers and always with the goal in mind of constantly optimising the glues and the production method.


  • P2 furniture board for usage in dry areas
  • Length: up to 7.50 m
  • Width:2.10 m to 2.62 m
  • Thickness: from 10 mm to 38 mm

The "EcoMaxx" is also available in a version laminated with melamine paper called "DecoMaxx". Speak with us and learn more about the low-emission furniture board "EcoMaxx"!

Chipboard from Rheinspan is inspected at regular intervals by independent institutes. The test certifications and certificates for "EcoMaxx" can be found here.

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