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New Wood Recycling Plant Completed

+++ Germersheim, Sept. 13, 2019 – The new wood recycling plant of the chipboard manufacturer Nolte Holzwerkstoff from Germersheim in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, is in operation. After the start of construction in November 2018 and the first trial runs in July 2019, the manufacturer expects full utilisation of the wood recycling plant in 3-shift operation starting the end of September. As planned, the costs amounted to around ten million euros.

Following two years of detailed planning and an intensive construction phase since the beginning of the year, the time has now come: The "Wood Recycling Plant" project is nearing completion at Nolte Holzwerkstoff. "After the first test operations in July, we are now approaching 3-shift operation capability and thus full utilisation of our wood recycling plant. We are therefore running right on schedule," says Alexander Kolb, Managing Director of Nolte Holzwerkstoff. The six new job positions associated with the plant have already been filled.

In the plant of the Dieffenbacher company, the processing of 28 tons of waste wood per hour is planned. This processing involves crushing, sorting and cleaning and subsequent feeding into the chipboard production. "The waste wood used for production is wood certified in accordance with the Waste Wood Ordinance, so nothing changes insofar as our high product quality," says Jasper Haunerland, project manager and plant engineer at Nolte Holzwerkstoff. The recycled wood used for this purpose, for example old furniture, pallets or crates, comes from the Rhine-Neckar region. "During the multi-stage reprocessing process, stones, plastics, foils, metals and plastics are removed – just as are dust and fibrous material. Such must not be allowed to contaminate the end product," explains Alexander Kolb. "Chemically treated woods are not used – they have no place in chipboard."

In chipboard production, more and more old wood is used in the sense of heightened conscientious handling of the renewable raw material wood. Due to this motivation, Nolte Holzwerkstoff decided to build its own processing plant. "Waste wood can be used sensibly in this way and returned to the material cycle – this conserves resources and decreases generation of CO2", explains Alexander Kolb.

After the purchase of the surface scanner for melamine lamination, the wood recycling plant is the second major investment in the Germersheim site since 2018.

About Nolte Holzwerkstoff

As the oldest active chipboard manufacturer in the world, Nolte Holzwerkstoff has over 65 years of experience in the industrial manufacture of chipboard panels that are known and respected by industry and trade throughout Europe. The first chipboard was produced by Nolte Holzwerkstoff in 1951 in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany. The company has been headquartered in the Rhineland-Palatinate town of Germersheim since 1973. Nolte Holzwerkstoff develops and produces chipboard under the brand name "Rheinspan" for many diverse customer requirements. The family-owned company is now in its fourth generation of management and its production is not restricted to certain standard dimensions, rather, it is flexible in regards to both dimensions and cuts. Working jointly with customers in this way, tailor-made special solutions can be developed. At this time, the Nolte Holzwerkstoff plant site in Germersheim employs approximately 200 workers.

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